About Pars Dasht chehel sotoun

About Pars Dasht chehel sotoun

Producer of modern greenhouse equipment

Pars Dasht Engineering company have decade long experience and endeavors in the fields of design،consultation and execution of huge greenhouse project of nut and bolt type. Pars Dasht Company has started its activity in2006 with aim of design and execution of modern greenhouse and their equipment. Now, This Company with specialized personnel and true management can collaborate in successful project with foreign company.

The spirit of dynamism and willing to progress provided a drive for the company to take five successful training course under direct supervision of the well experience European engineers.in line with the goal of naturalization the modern greenhouse technology and adapting it to the Iranian diver’s climatic condition, a daunting task. This required precise engineering computations using specialized software and bench marking against state of the art drawing, and now, pars dasht company has designed and manufactured typical portable multi-span greenhouse following the Gotic style in compliance with the latest European and American standard of metallic structure.in addition to strength and beauty ,this structure can accommodate the most advanced component and equipment used  in modern greenhouse which can pave the way for optimized production .

A great feature of these structure is that no welding is applied in their manufacture and attachment are made only by nuts and bolts, besides they can be relocated any time.

The most of Iranian greenhouses around country don’t have modern equipment with high quality so they use weak manufacture and they can’t be successful in their job. Naturalization and production high quality manufacture in Iran introduce agriculturist and capital with advanced manufacture and modern way of cultivation. Use the modern equipment help them that earn more benefit and solve the problems of greenhouses.

These greenhouses don’t need any special skill just use installation instruction that designed by the company and supervise expert of the company the buyer can install and assembly them in short time. Pars Dasht company is only manufacturer of movable structure shading system in Iran that produce rack, tubes and type of profiles(M,U,C)that help agricultural activists saving  more energy.

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